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Our Solutions

Our solutions range from web development through to search engine optimisation and advertising (such as Google Adwords)

Take a look at some of the solutions we’ve developed for some of our clients and read how TMD Online can help your business.

Our Solutions Include:

Customised Design

One of the key benefits in utilising TMD Online to design your site is that we are committed to providing customised website design. We don’t use templates.

This ensures that your site:

  • Specifically targets your audience.
  • Isn’t used over and over again (once we’ve completed a design – it belongs to you, and is never used again by us).
  • Looks more professional and provides greater flexibility.

Please peruse our portfolio to see some of our past work, or get in contact with us to discuss your design needs.

Content Management

Up-to-date and relevant content on your website is so important and a simple, effective method of allowing you and your staff to update it is an absolute must.
The best solution is to develop a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS will allow you to keep key areas of your site (such as news and products), up-to-date 24 / 7 via your web browser.

Our CMS (NetRanger) is:

  • Very easy to use (if you can use Word, you can use our CMS).
  • Can be trained in basic use (such as adding a news article) in under fifteen minutes .
  • There is no additional software to purchase.

Support for our CMS:

  • We provide free on site training.*
  • We provide manuals.
  • Every CMS comes with 2 month’s free telephone support.

The CMS is extremely powerful, ensuring that content is cross-browser compatible and always looks professional

Our CMS ensures that you’re not tied into any particular ISP (Internet Service Provider) – and there are no ongoing fees and charges. Our CMS is also tailored to suit your unique requirements.

Please contact us to discuss how a CMS can benefit your business.
* Travel charges apply to areas outside tbe Gold Coast Region.


Selling (and taking payment for) your products online can significantly boost sales and reduce costs.

Before we embark on an eCommerce solution for our clients we like to really look at their business and identify opportunities that may exist for them selling online.

The key reasons people buy goods online:

  • It is the only way to buy a particular product/service.
  • It is cheaper to buy online.
  • It is more convenient to buy online.
  • There is some other benefit (i.e. “reward points” or similar).

Advice when you need it

We help our clients understand these principles, give them no nonsense advice about implementation and how to market the site to gain more sales once the site has gone live.

Like all our solutions our eCommerce platform is tailored to meet your specific needs (if you need 30 different price groups – we can handle it!).  Our service guarantee also means we will be there to step you through the entire process.

Seamless Integration

One of the biggest pluses with our eCommerce platform, is that it integrates seamlessly with our other systems.  This means one login.

Our eCommerce platform also keeps every process “on site”.  For example, users are not directed to third party sites to make payment.  Our platform also integrates seamlessly with other services (such as Australia Post’s real time postage calculator).

Some of the core functionality of our eCommerce platform include:

  • Add / Update products via a CMS.
  • Add / Modify categories (to unlimited levels) via a CMS.
  • Ability to add, update and/or remove products from the cart.
  • Secure checkout with transparent real time processing of credit card details through an external payment gateway (we recommend using Stripe).
  • Admin area to process and review orders.
  • Creation and updating of accounts by users.
  • No login / create account required before checkout process (this is really important).
  • Forgot password functionality.
  • Reporting (Customer Report, Sales Report, Orders Report).
  • Maintain a worldwide network of shipping zones with various rates / carriers to each zone.
  • Real time integration with Australia Post postage calculator.
  • Currency conversion.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Wishlists.
  • Promotional Discount Codes, allowing either a percentage (i.e 10%), dollar amount (i.e $20) to be subtracted off the total order or free shipping.
  • Bulk Pricing.
  • Wholesale Pricing

Please contact us to discuss eCommerce and the impact it can have on your business.

Advanced Web Application Development

TMD Online is more than a “one trick pony”. Aside from ecommerce and Content Management Systems we have extensive experience in developing customised online database solutions for our clients.

Some of these include:

  • eProcurement
  • Client relationship management
  • Online collaboration

At TMD Online we like to get a real insight into our clients operations before we recommend solutions. However, in the past our clients have always commented that our solutions:

  • Improve productivity.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Provide better customer service.
  • Allow management a better overview of what is happening “on the ground”.

Please contact us to discuss how a custom database solution can benefit your business.

Email Marketing

Marketing to your clients and customers via email is a very powerful and cost effective solution. TMD can help you create and send your customised eNewsletters to gain maximum impact.

We offer different levels of options for our clients from self-managed solutions through to fully managed solutions.

Benefits of using TMD Online to create your campaigns include:

  • We can create campaigns that look better and have a bigger impact.
  • We personalise and track every email we send (we can tell you who opens your email and what links they click on).
  • We give you advice on how to target your message to reach your audience and speak their language.

Good Practice

Some good ideas to consider when developing an email based campaign:

  • Make sure the people on the database know your product and service and are expecting communication from you. Do not buy databases or share databases with other companies.
  • Don’t send your emails “ad-hoc”, i.e don’t send four emails in one month, and then none the next month. Your customers like consistency
  • Provide short punchy paragraphs and images with links where appropriate to your site. Your customers aren’t going to read paragraph upon paragraph of text.
  • Measure your campaign. Email marketing is like any other advertising medium – it costs you money and time so make sure it is delivering real benefits.

Please contact us to discuss how good email marketing can benefit your business. Or view pricing / options here

Search Engines Optimisation and Advertising

There is no point in having a website unless people know about it right? The vast majority of new customers will find your site through a search engine.

There are two options available for getting listed in the search engines:

Natural search is the process where a search engine such as Google finds the most relevant sites for a particular users query. 

The search engine catalogues sites on the internet and ranks them from most relevant to least relevant for a given keyword.  Search Engine Optimisation is the process that helps websites appear more often and more prominently in these natural search results.

Search engines do not charge for appearing in their natural search results.

Sponsored search is the process where you bid (pay) on a particular keyword(s).  For example a lawyer may bid on the term “personal injury” at $10 per click.  If this lawyer gets five clicks in one day they will pay the relevant search engine $50. 

What we do

TMD has the skills and know how to ensure your site is optimised to ensure all search engines can effectively catalogue your site – ensuring your site has the best possible “natural search” outcome.


We also stand by our results.  If you don’t see an increase in traffic due to our natural search optimisation campaign – we will refund your campaign.  No questions.

We also provide advice and implementation on sponsored search through Google Adwords. This maximises the return on your advertising dollar, provides excellent results and you can monitor conversion rates (i.e. 10 people clicked on your link, but how many people bought your product?).

Please contact us to discuss how optimising your site or running a Sponsored Search Campaign through Search Engines can benefit your business.

What is the best approach:  Natural or Sponsored?

There is no “right way” when it comes to being found by a search engine.  However each option does have its unique benefits.

Benefits of Natural Search:

  • Placement into the natural search is the best option if you can attain good placement, as users click on natural search listings more often than they do sponsored search listings.
  • Clicks on natural search listings are not charged for by the search engines.
  • More specific keywords are easier to attain within the natural search and generate better leads.

Benefits of Sponsored Search:

  • Competition within natural searches is very high and a sponsored search is sometimes the only option to obtain results for more generic keywords. 
  • Sponsored Search allows you to set a specific budget per day.  Ads with lower budgets appear less often, however they appear right next to companies with large budgets.  This allows small companies to compete with larger companies on a level playing field.
  • Sponsored Search guarantees leads and placement.   Natural Search Optimisation of a website will boost frequency and prominence within natural search, however it does not guarantee your website will appear within the first page of search results.

Ad Agency Work

As an agency, no doubt you already form a large part of your clients advertising, marketing and PR campaigns. You probably are also already heavily involved with getting your client’s websites together. And quite frankly – why shouldn’t you? Progressing from a print / broadcast based media to web is a logical step.

However we have found that many advertising / design companies sometimes lack the necessary resources to “complete the picture” with web development. Basically we help where we can, doing what you can’t do in-house (or don’t have the time to do) – ensuring your client gets the best possible website.

We’re big on service as well – read our customer service guarantee here.

Our services include:

  • Producing finished designs (basically we do all the cutting / slicing / pasting). This ensures your design is compliant and cross browser capable (we make sure it works on everyone’s computer)
  • Content Management Systems
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Online Ordering
  • Advanced Web Application Development
  • Integration with 3rd Party providers such as XERO, Stripe, MYOB, MailChimp, Vision 6 and Netsuite

We are more than happy to “work in the background” and invoice directly to you (in fact we prefer this), ensuring that your company is the “first port of call” for all your clients creative needs.

Please contact us to discuss further how TMD can help you on your next online project.

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