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Being time poor, or overwhelmed can stall or stop
your company from succeeding online.

We can help you discover:

  1. What your online marketing spend is actually doing
  2. How many leads / sales you are making from your website and where they come from
  3. Your customer demographic and what content they are looking at
  4. How to benchmarking your business performance against other businesses
  5. How to increase your traffic systematically

Unlock your website's potential

With the right strategy and formula for your business you can gather key statistics and metrics to allow you to catapult your business towards success.

Help you make informed decisions

Take the guesswork out of the equation - We can help you identify key performers for your business, and identify opportunities to explore.

Down to the specifics – what we will deliver:

  1. Show you how people are getting to your website e.g where they coming from
  2. Using a variety of techniques, we identify trends in your industry and help you utilise them for your gain. 
  3. Show you what visitors do on your website and the ROI their visits generate
  4. Identify the most successful sources of traffic for your business.
  5. Assign an actual dollar amount to what your channels contribute to your business (e.g Google Natural search might contribute 50% off your monthly revenue).
  6. Compare your results against other businesses in your industry.
  7. Create an action plan and strategy based upon these figures to help you drive cost effective traffic to your website.

Next steps

    1. Get in contact with us.
    2. We will do and in-depth analysis on your website and discover its strengths, weaknesses and ways to improve it.
    3. We'll then meet to:
      1. Discuss what your business does, your plans for growth and what outcomes you want from your online marketing. 
      2. Discuss your budget / what outcomes you want from this.
      3. Discuss our analysis (from point B).
    4. From this meeting we will present an obligation free proposal.
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