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How to build links to your website.

The world wide web consists entirely of a huge collection of links. Hooking into this global network, although challenging, is an important task that is often over looked by website owners. Getting other websites to link to yours has two distinct benefits: 1. Helps get people to your website 2. Can boost your page rank within search engines But how do you go about getting links to your site?  Firstly look at what your site and company is about.  Approaching sites that are of a similar ...

Getting staff involved is the key to successful up take of your site

Unless you're the dedicated "web manager" for your company - when was the last time you took a look at your company's website? Do you for example know what is on it? Do you regularly refer clients to it for more information? If you do, do other people in your organisation follow your example? A classic example: someone rings up a company and wants to know about that company's products / services. A sales person could spend 30 minutes describing the ...

Tips for writing news for your website

A really simple idea to keep your site fresh is to implement a "news" section on your website. Basically write 2 articles a month (or even one is ok - just make sure its good quality!) and either them post to your website via your Content Management System. Some really great ideas that you can use for your new section could include: New products, recent jobs or contracts your company may have won or completed, any events that you are holding, some tips ...