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Why you shouldn't launch a website on a Friday

You've finished your website, and now you are keen to get it online – however it’s noon on a Friday.  Unless you've got a major advertising blitz planned for the weekend (in which case your site should have been live earlier) it is recommended that you wait until Monday to send it live.


  • Sometimes we need our web hosting partner (or whatever web hosting company you choose) to action a series of changes on their servers.  These changes are not always achievable in a “couple” of hours.
  • Despite our own thorough testing, the fact that our CMS is very robust, and your own testing (which you should have performed whilst the site was on our test servers), there may still be a bug somewhere (all software has bugs).   If this is a “major” bug, it needs to be identified and fixed ASAP.  Support over the weekend, whilst always available via our ticketing system, is very limited.
  •  If we are moving your site from another hosting company, changing the DNS may take up to 24 hours to take effect, in which case your site will come online on the Saturday or Sunday.  A DNS change cannot be sped up (it’s just the nature of the internet).
Please note that from the 1st of October 2012, launching of websites must be booked in 48 hours prior to the site going live.