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Why Use TMD for your email Marketing

There are a large number of self managed email marketing systems available in the marketplace, and comparing “apples with apples” can sometimes be difficult. 

What we offer.

We are an authorised partner of Vision 6, a local (Brisbane based) email marketing provider.

Why choose us

(in comparison with other options you may be considering)

  1. We offer fantastic support via email, phone or face to face training.
  2. We can offer great integration options using Vision 6.  This includes syncing contacts between your website database as well as your CRM.
  3. We offer great advice and will really help your email marketing “take off”.
  4. We can help you streamline (and create proper segements) for your databases, and really target your audience (no more “shotgun” approaches to email marketing).
  5. Vision 6 has some unique features others may not, such as SMS integration and trigger based campaigns, plus more sexy stuff.


We’ll be upfront; using Vision 6 can be slightly more expensive than some of the overseas providers.  However you really get what you pay for.  If you are already advanced at email marketing, have your strategy nailed down, have streamlined your database, and are really happy to “go it alone”, a tool like Mail Chimp is probably worth investigating.

However if we set the cost aside for a minute, and focus more on the results you are after – choosing TMD and Vision 6 (although a bit more expensive) may actually make you more money and present your brand more professionally.

Give us a buzz for a free appraisal.