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Why email campaigns should not just contain images.

Whenever someone receives an email (that contains linked images), 9 times out of 10, the user has to opt to “download” images. Below is an example of the a version of URL (our enewsletter) we sent.  Note images do not automatically download, and that as a user I have to “opt” to download images.

images not downloaded yet

One of the golden rules when designing emails – is that you should design your email so objectives (i.e read the message / click on links) can still be met without relying on images to load. Example design elements include colour, spacing, headlines and text links.

Which is exactly what the above campaign does: 

I have not yet downloaded images, but I can see what the campaign is about, what their message is, and there are already some “calls to action” in the opening paragraph.  In addition, I can also clearly see my name and know that it is addressed to me.

What NOT to do.

Here is an example campaign of what NOT to do.  This campaign is literally a series of images (no text).  So the user has absolutely no idea what this campaign is about, and is highly unlikely to engage with this campaign at all.

image - what not to do for email campaigns