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Why don’t I get contact enquiries from my website?

It is common practice these days to have a contact or enquiry form on your website.  Often enquiries that are generated from this form are sent through to a specific email address, e.g. info@yourcompany.com.au.

Why don’t I get these enquiries?  A bit of background.

There are a number of reasons why you may not receive these enquiries, however a bit of background first.   When a form is submitted, we collect this information, format it into an email and then instruct the web server to “send it”.  Once the web server has sent it, we no longer have control over this email as it is up to other servers outside of our control to deliver and receive it.

Common reasons why you don’t receive your enquiry:

  1. The enquiry is being caught in your spam filter.  You will need to check your junk mail / spam filter.
  2. The enquiry is not being delivered by your email provider.  This is mostly likely due to your provider classing this as “spam”.
  3. The web server has not actually “sent” the email.

How do we check and this?

  1. First thing – check your junk mail / spam.
  2. Secondly - contact your email provider, and ask them to check their logs.  Specifically provide them exact details e.g
    “We have a contact form on our website.  This is located at www.yourcompany.com.au/contact.  When we lodge an enquiry, it goes to info@yourcompany.com.au.  We are not receiving these enquiries.  Can you please check your in-bound mail log?  The last enquiry was lodged today at 10.15am.“
  3. We ask your web hosting provider to check their mail logs to ensure this email is being sent.  As part of this we might “cc’” another email address in on all contact enquiries.  If this second address receives the enquiry ok, then the web server is definitely “sending” the email and the issue is “down the line” somewhere (in an external server).

You should also consider whether it’s appropriate to capture all enquiries into a “database” (accessible via the NetRanger CMS).  This will then ensure no matter what that you will continue to receive your contact enquiries.

Additional investigations: if you host with one of our Hosting Partners, issues such as this are undertaken free of charge.  If you have decided to use another hosting provider, additional charges may apply.