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Why an SSL certificate is important for your website.

Firstly what is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a small file that is installed on a web server, that stores a companies identity via a cryptographic key.  When a user browsers a site with an SSL certificate installed, the browser will display a "padlock" (or the address may go green), indicating that any traffic between the user and the web server is encrypted.

Example of a site secured by SSL

Screenshot of a site secured by SSL

Since the early days of eCommerce / accepting credit cards on your website, an SSL certificate is obviously an important addition to your site (as it ensures credit card details will be communicated securely).   

However recently sites that traditionally did not require an SSL certificate are getting them installed.  


  1. The costs for an SSL certificate have dropped significantly over the past few years.
  2. A website secured by SSL is a positive signal to Google when it comes to ranking your site. 
  3. Chrome (Google's browser) wil display a little "i" circle next to the address, indicating that the site might not be secure.

    If your page contains a form (like a login form), additional information will appear next to the "i" circle (not secure).  From Google

     "Beginning in July 2018, Chrome will mark all sites “Not Secure” unless the pages are served over HTTPS. "

    The "i" circle:

    The i info circle in chrome
  4. Having a "green" address bar (or showing a padlock), will make users feel more secure.
  5. Any forms on your site (even basic contact forms) are encrypted during transit.
  6. Using a secure address to login into your content management system is an added security measure.