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Who owns your domain name?

It's surprising how often companies (or individuals) are unaware of who registered their domain name and consequently who owns their domain name, which registrar is in charge of the domain name or when it is due for registration.

What's the process in getting a domain name?
There are a wide selection of companies who you can purchase a domain through.  The company you purchase your domain name through is called the registrar.

Usually an email is sent back to whoever registered your domain name containing either a registry key or username and password that is used to administer the domain name.

I don't know who registered my domain name
You can easily check the basic details of your domain name via:


Some of the details provided in the report include:

Registrar - This is the company who the domain name was registered through
Registrant - Who owns the domain name
Tech Name - Who is the technical contact for this domain name.

If you don't recognise any of the details on your report (e.g. the registrant details are not correct), it may be a good idea to get these details updated.

To do this contact your web developer or your ISP and they will be able to help you.