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Registering a certificate with Rapid SSL

What is a Secure Certificate

A secure certificate allows you to accept sensitive information (such as credit card details) from users via your website.   To register a certificate with RapidSSL you need to perform the following steps.

Before you proceed:

  1. Make sure you’ve got around 20 minutes to complete this process.
  2. You should check with your hosting company that you can use a RapidSSL certificate with them (if you are using Onthenet – you do not need to worry about this step).
  3. Ask your hosting company for a “CSR” for the web server you intend to host your site on (if you are using Onthenet, we will organise this CSR for you).
  4. A validation email will need to be sent to admin@yourdomainname.com.au.  Make sure this address is setup.


  1. Go to http://www.rapidssl.com/buy-ssl/index.html
  2. Fill out your contact / administration and technical contact details.  You should make TMD Online your “technical” contact.
  3. When prompted: paste in your “CSR” – see note above.
  4. When prompted: Enter your credit card details.
  5. When prompted: you will be asked to enter your phone number, and validate this.  RapidSSL does this by calling your phone number (so make sure you’re the one that answers the phone) and asking you to enter a 4 digit code.
  6. When promoted: you will be asked to choose an email address a validation link can be sent to (usually this will be admin@yourdomainname.com.au).
  7. Once this step is done, an “activation” link will be sent to admin@yourdomain.com.au.

And your done!