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How Remarketing can help your business

Remarketing allows you to show advertising to people who have visited your website in the past. This normally takes the form of Banner or Text based Ads, and if you are using Google AdWords, are displayed on websites signed up to Google’s Display network.

How this works:

  1. A User visits your website.  The source of this traffic can be direct traffic, traffic from search engines (natural or sponsored search), email marketing or social networking.    We can categorise this user into a series of categories (called lists).
  2. As this user browsers the internet (over the next 30 days), we can stream relevant ads to this user onto sites that are signed up to Google Display network (e.g. a user may see your ad on news.com.au for example).

The psychology

When a user visits your site, there is a very high chance they will leave before purchasing, contacting you or signing up to your database.   Remarketing allows us to display your brand or message to these users as they browse other websites.  If you are paying for traffic (e.g. pay per click / sponsored search), remarketing forms a very valuable part of your strategy.

Remarketing ads traditionally have a higher click through rate, as opposed to normal banner advertising, as the user has already engaged with your brand.

How much does this cost?

In Google AdWords, you usually pay per 1000 impressions (this is known as CPM).  For example you may set your maximum bid at $20 per 1000 impressions.    If your ad gets 10,000 impressions for the month (across a variety of websites), you would pay a maximum of $200. You can also set a maximum daily spend.

Want to give it a go?

Firstly you need to have enough traffic to your site to warrant remarketing.  Google needs a minimum of a 100 people in a “list” before remarketing can be begin.

Interested? Drop us a line and we will be happy to have a chat.