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Flash is dead, long live HTML5.

One of the web’s most oldest (and surviving) plugins "Flash" is officially being retired by Adobe in 2020.  Flash has been on the way out for the past few years, as browsers (such as Chrome, IE) are disabling Flash.

What was Flash used for?  

Flash in it’s heyday was heavily used for Video Streaming and Animation.  As browsers adopted the new HTML5 standard (and users stopped using old browsers), Flash has become obsolete.

Flash is still used across the web, but all website owners / web developers should be making steps to move away from this plugin.

How this affects you if we built your website

TMD has not used the Flash technology for many years, however some of our clients older sites may use Flash as small part of their Content Management Systems (CMS).  An upgrade is available for many years – and we strongly recommend clients upgrade.  All clients affected have been notified via email about this upgrade.

Unsure if you need to upgrade – please contact us.