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Why we love the payment gateway Stripe

If you are looking at processing credit cards via your website, you should seriously take a look at the Stripe payment gateway.

Why our clients like Stripe:

  1. Stripe is an “all in one” merchant and payment gateway. It is very fast / easy to setup (all done online). You can be operating usually within around 48 hours (note it can take up 10 days for your first payment to clear).
  2. Stripe has a set rate of 1.75% + $0.30c / transaction for all domestic cards (this includes AMEX). This is a pretty good rate for small merchants. Note if you are doing high volumes you can also contact Stripe for a custom quote.
  3. There are no monthly fees.

Additional features with Stripe

  1. It has many “inbuilt features”, such as
    1. Subscription systems
    2. Ability to have “connected” accounts, so you can have funds pushed directly to third parties.
    3. Multi-currency support

Why we like it (as a developer)

  1. Stripes “API” (this is what we “talk to”), is extensively documented, and well thought out. This reduces the time we spend implementing the system, hence makes it cheaper for you.


  1. Stripe can take a bit longer to clear funds (two business days).
  2. Stripe takes the fee directly out of the settlement.  You need to be aware of this and talk to your book keeper or accountant on how to handle this.
  3. No telephone support (but awesome email support)

Other alternatives.

If you already have a merchant account with a major Australian bank and you want to keep it (you may have an excellent rate for example, or want to have quicker settlements), we recommend using eWay.

Prohibited Business

Before you consider using Stripe - please check that your industry is not on their "prohibited business" List.  Click here to check.