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What is browser stack, why do we use it

Firstly what is Browser Stack?

BrowserStack is a cross-platform testing tool that allows developers to test their websites and applications on real world various browsers and operating systems. It is a cloud-based platform that provides access to a wide range of browsers, including mobile browsers, and provides a variety of features to help developers test their websites and applications.

It also allows us to test websites from a variety of overseas IP addresses (which is useful when testing "geocode" style scenarios)

Why do we use it?

It's impossible for us to buy and maintain hundreds (if not thousands!) of physical devices (e.g just alone there are hundreds of physical android phones out there!)   and maintain all browsers on these devices.  This is where browser stack kicks in.

Is it reliable?

Browserstack is up front :  whether we are testing using  a physical device or an emulator.  We always try and use a physical device to ensure 100% reliability of what we are testing / using.

Is it free?

No it is not.  We pay an annual subscription for use of this service (but is worth it's weight in gold!).

Would we recommend using Browserstack?

A 100% yes!