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NetRanger PHP 7 Upgrade available

NetRanger (which is your Content Management System for your website), is written in a language called PHP.   If your site is a bit older, you will most likely require an upgrade on your site from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.  (Note there was not a version called PHP 6).

If your site is simple – this upgrade is very straight forward.  However, if your site is more complex, this can involve a bit more work.

Will there be costs involved with this?

Yes - but you may already been using the most recent version (in which case there is nothing to do). 

Do I have to upgrade?

Short answer is no, however we strongly recommend you do so. 

What happens if you do not upgrade?

Your hosting company will eventually stop supporting PHP 5, and when they do this your site will stop working.   Also hosting companies are starting to change limits surrounding what PHP 5 sites can "do" (such as the max size a file can upload).

Next Steps

Please contact us to discuss your upgrade options.