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NetRanger File Manager Upgrade available

Posted: 24 August 2015.

A number of clients have very recently reported receiving a "302" error when trying to upload files to their NetRanger CMS via Firefox, Safari and Internet explorer (Please note Chrome does not appear to be affected at this stage). 

This is due to

  • Recent "Cpanel" security updates installed by your web hosting company (only clients hosted at "Onthenet" appear to be affected at this stage).
  • The "Flash Plugin" is being phased out by browser companies, and it appears the way that the browser and Flash handle the "hand over" of the file to the web server has been changed (which may also be triggering an alert in the Cpanel security update).

The NetRanger File Manager upgrade:

  • does not utilise "Flash",
  • includes a number of speed improvements and drag / drop functionality.


Should i upgrade?

If you are using an "newer" browser then definitely yes.  Note at some stage this upgrade will need to be done anyway.

Can I just use Chrome in the meantime?

Yes, however at some stage this upgrade will need to be undertaken.

Is there a charge to upgrade?

All sites provisioned after the 1st of July 2014 are entitled to a free upgrade.

Please contact us to discuss if this upgrade is suitable for you.