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Hosting Charges explained

There are a number of charges that can go along with hosting your website / email.   Some of these can be charged monthly, yearly or even bi-yearly.   

Domain Name Registration.  This is a fee you pay, and covers the registation of your domain name (e.g www.yourcompany.com.au).  This is usually paid every 2 years.

DNS Hosting.   This is fee you pay to "point" your domain name to your web / email hosting company.  This is usually paid yearly.

Website hosting.  This is the fee you for hosting your actual website files.  This includes any content you upload via the NetRanger Content Management System (CMS).  This is usually paid yearly.

Email Hosting.   This is the fee you pay for hosting your email.   Sometimes this can be done as the same company that handles your website hosting (this would be usually charged yearly).  Or you may opt to have your email with something seperate like Office 365 (which is usually charged monthly).

SSL certificate.  This is a fee you pay to have a secure certificate installed on your website.  This certificate "encrypts" traffic from the web server to the user.  Read more here.  This is usually paid every 2 years.


Some hosting companies offer a bundle, where you will pay for all 5 services, for one annual fee. 

Other providers will split these services up, so you "choose what you like".  E.g you might have your domain name registration, website hosting, ssl certificate registration with our hosting partner Onthenet.  And your DNS / Email hosting with Office 365.