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Have you considered integrating Xero or MYOB into your CRM or Website?

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, incorporating automation into your day-to-day operations has become paramount to success.

Tasks such as integrating your website (or CRM) with your accounting software (e.g Xero or MYOB) can really revolutionize your business processes.

Even the simplest process of automatically syncing orders, event registrations or memberships generated from your website with your accounting software will save you time, money, and eliminate the stress associated with manual accounting practices.

Other areas you can look at syncing:

  1. Products.  Automatically create these in your accounting software when created on the website. (or vice versa)
  2. Sync stock between website + accounting software
  3. Sync your customer details, so when either party updates a record - the “other” party sees the updated details.
  4. Allow customers to view invoices that have been generated in your accounting software
  5. Better CRM tracking.  Accounting software packages are great at doing “accounting” processes (e.g your BAS), but they rarely deliver on proper client relationship management (e.g proper tasking, notes and lead tracking)
  6. Dashboarding.  Get data out of your accounting software, and present this in a meaningful way to key stakeholders such as management.
  7. Give your marketing team the data they need.   Example:  wouldn’t it be nice that your top 200 customers by spend are flagged in your email marketing software as “high value” customers?

Some further things to consider

When syncing various items– also think about what account codes these items need to “fall under”.  E.g you may want sales from your shop and event registrations to be under two different MYOB / Xero account codes.

Also we should always have a test environment (the xero “demo company” is a great option!) to test things out.

Next steps

If this sounds interesting, let’s chat!