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Why your SEO Strategy needs to change.

We've spoken previously on how important Search Engine Optimisation is and why "white hat" or ethical SEO is the way to go when it comes to optimising your site for Google.  With more recent algorithm updates, Google is started to clamp down heavily on "black hat" SEO practices.  What this means, is if your site was gaining great position (thru dodgy practices), you may suddenly find yourself being penalised.    Google is also start to rely on what users are saying about your company in social media.

From Smart Company:

Keeping your website at the top of a Google search page is an ongoing battle. With Google’s constant and frequent changes, you can never be too fired up about keeping your SEO on track.

But just like every year, 2013 will bring some significant changes to the way SMEs go about getting on top of Google’s algorithm. Over the past two years, Google has been slowly shifting towards a new way of ranking sites – a system based on popularity more than clever tactics.

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Source Smart Company.