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More Australians are turning to the Internet for Information

It's no surprise that more and more Australian''s are turning to the internet for information.

As tragic as Heath Ledgers death was, the Sydney Morning Herald website experienced a 250% increase in browser traffic, and a 60% increase of actual page views.

Yahoo reported the term "heath ledger" experienced a massive 110,285% (that''s not a typo) increase - making it one of the search engine giants top four fastest moving search terms.

The fact is that the internet is now outperforming many of the traditional sources of information (such as newspapers, radio and TV), and that companies who are slow to realise that some of their advertising dollar may need to be assigned to this medium are falling behind.

The idea that a website is mere backup / secondary to traditional advertising mediums is now dead, and smart companies are utilising web sites to increase productivity as well as accountability for their marketing campaigns.