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This post is more then 3 years old, some information may be out of date

I will never use Facebook...

Find out what converted our Head of Development into such a big fan of this popular networking tool.

A while ago, someone told me you've got to join Facebook, and my first reaction was - "if I want to get together with my mates, I call them".  However having said that  I've become a full blown Facebook junkie (I know I feel so dirty!).

So what's so great about Facebook?  Firstly, it helps you get in contact with past colleagues, school mates, uni mates or find new mates.  As soon as someone becomes your friend on Facebook, you can look at who their friends are, and wether you want them in your network of friends.

There are also a number of cool applications on Facebook such as creating, sharing and updating photo galleries, games, messaging as well as fun applications (go boozemail!).

Facebook also helps identify which of your friends have updated their profile, added photos, who has become friends with whom, and who wrote on whose "wall".

From a business perspective Facebook advertising also allows businesses to target their advertising to a specific demographic, i.e. if you ran a retail store in Brisbane you could target all women over the age of 18 interested in shopping (last count: 7060 people match this particular statistic!).

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