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This post is more then 3 years old, some information may be out of date

Google Shopping

Our favourite search engine Google has launched a new service called “Google Shopping” in Australia that helps users find products online.

Initially users just enter the product into the standard Google Search, but then have the option of selecting the “shopping” tab (similar to if they just wanted to show “news” results).

The data for this comes from various merchants who can sign up for Google Search free of charge.  The merchant then provides a data feed (for our clients using GetPrice or Shopbot – it’s similar to this process).

We are interested to see how this service is promoted by Google, and whether users will actually use it.  It is also unclear whether you are having (or will have in the future) an impact on your natural search engine rank by using Google Shopping.
However for “getting your products out there” (and that there are no fees payable to Google) it is certainly a very low risk proposition.