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eMatters payment gateway shutdown

The eMatters Payment Gateway is closing down on the 30th of June, and if your account is being migrated to eWay - here is a roadmap of how this will occur (please note that this Roadmap, has been sent to eWay for confirmation and approval. If at any stage, this roadmap isn't being followed or if you have questions - please call us).

1. eWay will contact you from the 1st of June (alternately - please feel free to call them on 1800 231 002 - tell them you are an eMatters customer that needs to be migrated). 

At this point you should confirm that:

  •  eWay will sort out any agreements required
  •  eWay will create customer account, and setup your existing merchant account with eWay
  • eWay will assist you to send this account live straight away
  • eWay will email you with relevant login details.  When you get these, please email them thru to us.

2.  TMD will then

  •  Assist you do a test $1 / manual transaction.  Click here to view instruction video.
  •  Change API integration of site to work with eWay.  Please note we will be in contact with you about what options are available (and how much this will cost).
  •  Check site is connecting to eWay account ok

3. On day of launch

  • TMD will upload relevant new code to your site
  •  eWay will organise import of recurring / token payments
  • TMD Will advise youto check connectivity

eWay has confirmed that your eMatters functionality will not be affected, and that payments will continue to process thru eMatters,until "day of launch", when payments will then begin to flow thru eWay.

If you experience any issues with your existing eMatters account, during this transition - please contact us immediately.

Please note time is of the essence here, please make sure you treat this migration as a priority.