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This post is more then 3 years old, some information may be out of date

Email marketing tips 2009

We''re big fans of email marketing, and with the new year in full swing, we reckon it could be time for you to review, update (or even begin) your email marketing.

Out with the old and in with the new

Been sending the same message or style of email campaign for ages? Maybe its time for a fresh design, more spicy content or perhaps a change of schedule. Always sending your campaign on a certain day of the week? Consider changing to a different day (we have some solid research that suggests that only 1% of campaigns are sent on Sunday, but Sunday has the greatest open and click through rate). Stuck for content or ideas? Subscribe to other email campaigns and see what they are doing.


Having time to put your email campaigns together can sometimes be a struggle. Try and plan your content a couple of campaigns in advance, so in your busy times you can still get quality campaigns out.

Deliver what the customers want

Whenever you send out a campaign, make sure you have quality and relevant content. If your content is boring or not relevant, all you are going to get is smaller open rates, less click throughs and more people unsubscribing. To increase relevance you should consider targeting your campaigns to segments of your database.


You spend time, money and resources on email marketing. Make sure you're monitoring your campaigns, so you can see what your users are interested in (i.e. what they are clicking on). This allows you to create better and more interesting content in the future.


It's fairly standard to include a personal welcome in a campaign (i.e. Dear XX). But look at expanding how you can increase the personalised content within your campaign. Maybe you could send the campaign from the last sales person the user interacted with. Or perhaps the last product / service, or even include when their next appointment with you is.

Spread the word

Aside from your own database, consider approaching other businesses and offering your content to them to include in their email marketing. Most businesses really struggle with developing content - so you're probably doing them a favour! Our content for example is used on a number of websites and in magazines.

Email marketing gets results, so we wish you all the best in 2009!