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Clearing your cache

Most internet browsers employ caching - the process of storing files locally (i.e on your computer) so that the second or third time you request a file - the browser can access your local cache - thus making your internet browsing experience faster. 

Hence clearing your cache may be a necessary task after your web developer has made changes to your website.

To do this:

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the "Tools" icon. (This is the little "gear" icon on the far top right of your browser.
  2. Choose "Internet Options"
  3. In the middle of this screen, there will be a section called "browsing history".
  4. Click the "delete" button.  (This will open up a new window).
  5. Make sure "Temporary Internet Files" is selected.  
  6. Click the "delete" button.


  1. Click on the "Firefox" menu.
  2. Rollover "options" and click "options":
  3. Click on the "advanced" tab
  4. Under "cached web content" click "clear now"


  1. Click the "spanner" icon (this is on the far top right of your browser)
  2. Clicking "settings"
  3. On the left hand side, click on "history"
  4. Click "clear all browsing data"
  5. Make sure "empty the cache" is selected.
  6. Click "clear browsing history"


  1. Hold down "Command", "Option" and the "E" Key

Please note that some your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may also employ a "proxy" - which may also cache copies of files for a period of up to 24 hours.  If this is the case - you may need to contact your ISP or try checking your changes at a later time.