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This post is more then 3 years old, some information may be out of date

Adwords and Sponsored Search

To find new customers and increase sales you need to be found quickly and easily online. The majority of people who are looking for a particular service or product will utilise a search engine such as Google.

Two types of search

There are two types of search results Google provides:
- Natural (also called organic)
- Sponsored Search (which is known as the "Adwords" program)

Two types of search and where to find them


Natural search is the process where search engines send a Robot (also called a spider) to your site.  A Robot is simply an automated program that catalogues content on your site.   The search engine then decides what your site is about and how relevant it may be to a given search keyword / term.  The search engine then places your site in the search results (what is considered more "relevant" will appear higher)

Sponsored search is the process where you bid on a particular keyword/s.  If you are a Gold Coast based lawyer you might be interested in getting placement for "Lawyer Gold Coast".

You can also decide how much you want to bid on this keyword. So for the Keyword "Lawyer Gold Coast" you may want to bid $1.00 per click.  Generally the higher the bid amount, the higher you will appear in the "sponsored" search results.

If a member of the general public types in "Lawyer Gold Coast" into their search engine and they then click on your ad - you will pay that search engine $1.00.

Hence you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. This means that if no one clicks on your ad you don't actually pay anything.

You can also set a daily limit which allows you to control your monthly budget.  If you want to spend a $300 / month with Google for example: this would allow you to spend approximately $10 / day.  Google then will place your ad strategically throughout the day to spend this budget. 

Budgeting means that your ad may not appear 100% of the time for a particular keyword.  If there are 1000 searchs per day for "Lawyer Gold Coast" and we are spending $10 / day -  Google may only show your ad part of the time.

Google has different ways of calculating when to display your ad.  However it is roughly calculated on the ratio between impressions (how many times your ad is seen) and how many times your ads are clicked on.

For $10 per day and a bid amount of $1 per click - your ratio is calculated like this:

If (on average) your ad is clicked on 1% of the time each time it is seen : your ad can be shown 1000 times in one day. This would generate 10 click throughs to your site (which equates to $10).  This is a very simplistic explanation how this works, but the basic premise does hold.

With a sponsored search you can also track your click throughs via reporting so you can track the effectiveness for your campaigns.

Back to the "Lawyer Gold Coast" example.  If you get 300 click throughs - which result in 5 enquiries - is spending $300 worthwhile getting 5 enquiries?

The best results are achieved through a combination of natural and sponsored searches.  Try and get a good ranking in natural search, but if your site is not being found for some keywords - look at running a sponsored search.  Also remember that with Natural search - the order sites turn up in the search results is completely governed by Google.  A sponsored search program tends to deliver a more certain result.

The examples provided above are a guide only and like any advertising medium you should seek professional advice to make sure your campaign will return the maximum result for minimal cost.